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tpo-38 - Speaking - question5
Question 5 of 6


Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing. Then state which of the two solutions from the conversation you would recommend. Explain the reasons for your recommendation.


Woman: Hey Jeff! How's it going?
Man: Not too good. You know howl work as a lab assistant in one of the science labs?
Woman: Yeah
Man: Well, I was in there this afternoon and I had some textbooks with me and l accidentally left one of my psychology books in there. It's a special book our teacher loaned each student in the class, so I can't get it anywhere else and now the lab's locked up for the night.

Woman: There's no way you can get back into the lab to get it?
Man: No and l have a psychology test tomorrow morning and l really need the book to study. 

Woman: So, what are you going to do?
Man: Well, l could just study from my notes tonight then go to the Science Building and get my book early tomorrow morning. The lab opens at 6:00 AM and my test's at 8:00.
Woman: 6:00 AM is pretty early.
Man: Yeah. l mean, l could do it, but I'd have to get up at like 5:00 and l wouldn't have much time to study the stuff in the book before the test.
Woman: Hmm.
Man: My other option would be to study with another student from that class.
Woman: Do you know someone you could study with?
Man: Yeah! There's a guy who sits next to me in class and he actually asked me if rd be interested in studying for the exam with him tonight.
Woman: And he has the book?
Man: Yeah.
Woman: Well, why not do that? Then you'd have more time to study the stuff in the book.
Man: Well, he's not a very good student. He has missed a lot of classes and he doesn't take good notes during the lectures.
Woman: So you might spend a lot of time tutoring him instead of studying the stuff you need to study.
Man: Exactly, but he does have the book.

ln this conversation, the man lost his psychology textbook in a locked classroom. Unfortunately he has an exam tomorrow at eight o'clock and he needs this book. He has two solutions now. One solution is he could use his notes to study tonight and fetch the textbook at six o'clock tomorrow morning. But if so, there won't be enough time for him to read his book. The second solution is he could study with one of his classmate who has a textbook. However, if he studies with his classmate, he probably will spend lots of time tutoring his classmate instead of reviewing the content he wants to study. l suppose the first solution is better. Because the man indicates that he takes his notes carefully so it is probably detailed enough for him to review. And two hours can be enough for him to review his textbook next morning.

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