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tpo-25 - Writing - question2
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Since the end of last century, a lot of criticism of the young generation has diffused through out the world. Till now those young people have been yet labeled as "selfish", “apathetic” and lazy.Particularly, someone point out that, the youth are tepid in their participant in community activities. However, such a presumptuous judgment neglects the simultaneous change of human society, and deliberately covers the contributions made by the young.
Decades ago, frequent exchanges within one community were significantly in need as to ensure the quality of people’s daily life. The youth regarded as the most energetic group, therefore, should take more responsibilities to contribute to the whole community.

Whereas, time has changed, with the boom of service industry and the great development of artificial intelligence, people became more autonomic—we are not like people before need much physical help from our neighbors. For example, before, the old in one community might need young people to take care of their daily life. But recently, we have more service agencies to look after the old. Staffs there are well educated and have rich professional knowledge about how to take account of the aged. Moreover, people are liberated from tedious housework—we have cleaners to sweep the floor and dishwasher to wash the dirty plates, and, those artificial machines are also easy-use for the old. In this sense, people now are more independent than ever before, and need less help from the outside. Hence, it could be understandable that the youth reduce their work time in the communities.
Although the development of technology and a finer division of labor free us from some bland work in a community, young people attempt to contribute more to the community and do what they could do as they are. If we look around, we could find those cherubic teenagers active in kindergarten, nursing home and orphanage—playing with kids, accompanying the lonely old and brining their own books and clothes to those orphans. 

 For instance, several friends of mine, even though they are quite busy with their academic study, they still keep going to a nursing home every weekend to cook with those old, and have lunch together. Also, they go to a local kindergarten each month to play with those kids: teach them drawing and recognizing the national flags. The youth are doing more than we expect, and they do care about the others, especially those who are vulnerable. Therefore, it would be prejudicial and unfair if we yet claim that the young people nowadays have not put in the time to their communities, and ignoring effort they made.
Society should be more lenient to the youth, at least, not harsh. On one hand, we should understand the change of the world, and the potential influence such a change might bring to our life. We could not falsely conclude the development of our human society into complain about the teenagers. On the other hand, we should notice and admit every attempt made by the young people—they are doing their best.

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题目: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people nowadays do not give enough time to helping their communities. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
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